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Léger Glass 

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Tall Birch

Tall Birch ..$85

Fall collection of stones w_gray

Great gift.collect them all!

Girl on white horse

White Horse $85

Stone Horse collection w_gray

Great Gift..collect them all!

Butterfly with yellow Peony w_gray

Yellow Butterfly Peony $85

stone butterfly collection w_gray

great gift..collect them all!

This is a group of Léger Stones with signature box


It was an idea, a concept that came to me from beyond. I grasped the idea, copyrighted it and developed it into new genre of oil painting. I use my skill as a Master Marine Oil Painter to make three panes of glass work together to create one fluid composition.


Léger Glass, multi dimensional oils on glass, are comprised of crystal clear glass with foreground painted on the first pane, mid-ground painted on the second pane and background painted on the third pane.

The paintings on all three panes are precisely designed to support eachother and complete a fluid composition. Paintings 6x6 and larger are framed in modern custom designed frames revealing the upper edge of the glass and allowing the perfect amount of natural light to illuminate the artwork. The Léger Glass miniature paintings are set in stone. All Léger Glass pieces are hand-painted originals by Léger.

Shop Stone Collections


There are a wide variety of original pieces created by Léger inspired by the mind of the artist herself. Browse below to see the different collections to find those perfect pieces that fit the ambiance of your dwelling.

Surfer Girl Chasing Waves, 10x10 in Designer Aluminum Frame
Hawaiian Lovers set in stone
Surfer Dude riding the curl
Sailboat sailing sunset bay set in stone
Sunset Salute oils on glass set in aluminum base
White Barn on New England Hillside set in stone


(508) 991-1761

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