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Defender at the beach fire 5x10 ©multi dimensional oil on museum acrylic and set on aluminum base. This stunning piece of art keeps the summer fires burning! Modern and cutting edge with the sleek design and original oil painting is one of a kind.

Signed original by B. Léger

Defender at the beach fire SOLD

SKU: M08
  • Hand painted oils on three panes of glass to create a 3D effect when looking through at the final composition. Each an original painted by B. Léger. Because each one is hand painted expect a *slight variation in each MDOG making every MDOG a signed original.


    The glass is background, mid-ground and foreground. The foreground is reverse painted to protect the painting.


    *Live chat with the artist if you have any questions before purchase..B.Léger will be delighted to answer all your questions